Elk sighting

Totally un-book-related, but I have to share this with you. This morning, at 03.10, outside my house in the middle of town, I found these two lounging in the snow, on our lawn.

Can you see them? It´s not that easy to take a picture when the light is sparse and you are a bit nervous, too. These things are huge, and they are not as far away from me as they seem. Ten, fifteen meters, perhaps. Trying to zoom in with the camera was impossible, the images became to blurry. I had to use a signpost as support to get it this good.

See his (or hers) profile there? Cool, isn´t it? My night-foreman was in the neighbourhood and came by in his car to see them. They didn´t seem to care, just watched us as we watched them, though hardly with as much interest, I bet. I wonder if it has anything to do with the cold snap we are having? It´s been minus 27-28 degrees Celsius the last three mornings. (Don´t feel sorry for me, it´s a very comfortable temperature to work in, provided you are properly dressed.)

Well, I go to bed feeling humbled and very, very lucky.

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