My local library

I very rarely go down town without spending a few hours at our local library. It always lifts my spirits. There are all those books, of course, but there is also the artwork. These fantastic sculptures that hang as a centerpiece around which the whole space is set, are actually made of old, discarded reading glasses! Isn´t that a lovely symbolism?

The library is part of the new Culture House, which also houses an art gallery, two concert halls, a restaurant and a café. All sorts of interesting things go on here.

For most people, I think the library is a place to get away, sit quiet and read a book, a magazine, or just look out at the town below. The reading chairs are very comfortable and makes you feel almost embraced as you sink into them. And this is the view:

That´s the northern harbour and Luleå River. A hundred years ago the water would have been littered with huge sailing ships, going all the way up and down the swedish eastern coastline. There has been talk of turning the big parking spot you see part of to the left in the picture into a park, which would be really nice. If only the winters were not quite so long and cold!

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