Cool and handsome

I wanted to post this picture. I have a weakness for statues of prominent people, especially if the look cool and heroic. This cool and heroic-looking, and decidedly handsome bloke is Emperor Constantine. I have been trying to find a literary connection to justify this post, and here it is: In the year 325, after having been proclaimed Emperor not many feet away from where this monument stands, he summoned the Council of Nicea. This is where, according to Dan Brown (in "The Da Vinci Code") the Biblical canon was established. However, I´m pleased to say, this is probably not true. (See, I mentioned two books in one sentence!)

The statue of Constantine also has a cool location, just at the entrance of the Minster of York, probably the most impressive place of worship I have ever seen, next to the Cathedral of Coventry (and they don´t really compete in the same league, Coventry being totally modern).

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